Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Day of Freedom

So, tomorrow? Back to school.

On the 21st of August? On the frickin' 21st of August?

You have got to be kidding me.

Remember when school started after Labor day? Well, we're having none of that any more.

Of course, the weather's just heated up beyond comprehension. My classroom gets sun on two exposed walls, so that causes... um... parboiling to begin happening in the early afternoon. After a few days of it, it's unbearable. At home, we leave our windows open at night, so it can cool down the house; not at school. Of course we can't do that.

So the heat-sink that are my classroom walls just grab hold of that solar energy and wait to release it on my students each day.

A few years ago, I complained that the fan system (we have no AC) in my room wasn't working. Or that it was working, but only when I turned on the heat. That wasn't going to do. I brought in fans from home, but still, my room was in the low 90's for three days in a row.

They finally came to address the problem.

And removed the thermostat.

Yeah. That's how my district runs.

I'm going to go take my dog to the beach.

Happy new school year folks.


OKP said...

Welcome back! And I'm sorry about the heat. No A/C here yet, either, but we do start after Labor Day, so it might be fixed by then. Until that day, my room smells like musty socks.

Your district and my district should get together and go bowling.

LS said...

I couldn't help but respond. We started school on the 13th, although the teachers have been there since about the 6th. My classroom was in the high 80's BEFORE the kids arrived and I turned on my 33 fire-breathing Dell desktops. Now we're averaging low 90's like you. I have 4 fans, purchased with my own dough. They just move the hot air around and make me feel like I live in a wind tunnel and I'm going deaf. LOL Pray for rain and fall weather! I feel your pain but I feel better knowing we are suffering together.

X said...

That may just be the best hot classroom story I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

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