Sunday, December 18, 2005

A cold and three million meetings

My school got slammed last week. A stomach flu and some viral cold were making the rounds before Christmas. 100 kids, 10% of our students were out last week, and that's not including the ones that left early to go skiing in Vail.

I made it in every day, but barely. Got the head cold. These mini teenagers have no mercy. The week before winter break it's even worse.

Tuesday night, after eight hours of mediation with the state, our union and school board reached an agreement. We will continue to pay $105 out of our paychecks monthly for increased insurance costs, but we get a 3% raise. Oh, I know, it's not quite $105 a month. Yes, it means I'll be making less money than last year. Did I tell you the really charming part? We don't get this raise until the 30th of March. So really, I'll be making about $750 less this year.

Oh, and they added six hours of adjunct duty a year. And a second back to school night in the Spring we are now required to attend.

And my mother was bitching that her Holiday bonus was only $350 this year. What the hell is a bonus? I'm lucky if I get two or three homemade cookies from a student.

Ain't it grand being a teacher?

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