Monday, January 16, 2006

But I don't wanna!

This is it. The moment of truth. I have to go in to the classroom today, even though it's a holiday, and finish grading those $%#$@#! papers. Every year it gets worse. I try to streamline it, but end up procrastinating until the end. I also have to call home and let annoying boy's mother know that he is going to flunk this semester. I've been letting her know all along that he's missing work, but she doesn't seem to have followed through with him.

This is disappointing. He shouldn't be flunking. He's just simply refused to do either one of the bigger writing assignments we've done.

Hey NCLB, how do you suggest we approach students like this?


Polski3 said...

We ALL have students like "annoying boy" who CAN do the things asked to them, but for mysterious reasons, will not do so. They are most frustrating.

As for NCLB, as you may have read on various blogs, NO, parents and their spawn are NOT accountable or responsible for doing anything to advance themselves academically. It all falls on the shoulders of the teachers and schools.

EdWonk said...

A post! A post! Your readers would like a post!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Well, of course, it's YOUR fault. Not enough bread and circuses and gladiatorial conflicts, too much stuff that looks like and feels like and smells like--