Monday, April 17, 2006

Have I lost you all?

So, over Spring Break I got off the subject of teaching and on to my own deal. Sorry about that. Won't let it happen again. What was I thinking? Letting it get personal?

Poetry presentations have been going well until today. The group presenting the Sonnet during 5th period were horrid. They hadn't even used the textbook to begin their research on what one was, the example they used to teach a Shakespearean Sonnet wasn't, and their own example didn't have 10 syllable lines. When I jumped in, they had the nerve to say, "we didn't know" it had 10 syllables. As if it was just left out of every definition they looked up on the internet.



nobodyknows said...

Oi, indeed.

Give them a text with the information you know is correct. Make sure they have that definition written down and memorized before you allow them up on stage.

It's funny, though: many of the "sonnets" found on the internet aren't 10-syllable lines; it's as if the authors (in wanting to push the boundaries of sonnet rules) decided: "14 lines is long enough."

Michael McVey said...

You fear that you have lost your readers fair
And workload rends us from your insights penned;
But fear not writer of this blog so rare
We will not quit and you do not offend.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Bravo, Mr. McVey!