Monday, June 12, 2006

The grouch

It's what I am right now. Bad, bad time of year. One more week (yes, our last day is Monday, the 19th), and then I'm sure I'll be bored within 24 hours.

It's all this hurry up and get this, that and the other thing done.

Actually had a girl looked shocked when I told her she was earning a D- for the semester.

"I am?" Tears started in her eyes.

I guess she didn't realize that when I reminded her to get in her rough drafts for her poetry assignments, I meant it. Or when I called home when aforementioned rough drafts were past the due date, that I meant she should still get them turned in. Or when the due date came and went for the final drafts, and I still hadn't seen anything from her, that her grade would suffer. Or when I reminded students that it was probably the easiest 100 points they would earn this semester, she wasn't paying attention.

What I'm so pissy about is that this is an honors student. I did call home, yet I'll be held responsible now for not notifying her parents about her crappy grade.

And, last week, this was the mother that wrote her darling daughter a note asking that she be excused from the House of the Scorpion final, being that she was behind in her reading, and that she had had to attend her sister's band concert the night before.

Crabby, cranky, grouchy, and generally unpleasant to be around right now am I.

I'll get back to you when school's out next week.


OKP said...

Stay calm. Stay strong. Good luck!

TuffMom said...

I'm a parent of an 8th grade (actually, he's now a Freshman!) student. Please do not cave in to 'bewildered' students and parents. Teachers that hold firm after explicit directions are not doing the students any favors by giving in. We all must learn the meaning of cause and effect sometime in our lives. Better it be learned at a young age.

-llm. said...

My going-into-8th grade nephew will be spending the summer at Camp Mean Auntie helping me in my Summer School class for remedial students in 4, 5, & 6th grades. He got B's (PE!), C's, and D's. He's super smart but didn't see the point in working hard this year. Not good enough. Be firm. If you let these kids off the hook, the parents may not know there is a problem -- everyone needs a wake up call NOW before it's too late.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Oh wow. That girl's sister was in MY class, or maybe it was her cousin, since her mom tried the same kind of crap.