Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back to School Sale

I was in Long's Drugstore yesterday, trying to buy a cheapo pair of flip flops for my walk on the beach. I went to the aisle where I'd seen them, and it had been cleaned out! No flip flops in sight. Instead, there were almost empty shelves, with great big cardboard boxes piled high in the middle of the floor.

You guessed it. Binders, Pee Chee folders, pens, pencils, filler paper, gel markers...

Not even the middle of July and already with the school stuff.


My local department store is having an "end of summer" clearance sale.

Excuse me, isn't the end of summer in September? What is going on? And then, of course, the Christmas sales start up in October.

I just want to relax, visit with friends, drink wine, and not worry about anything.

Including if I have a pencil case for my three ring binder.


happychyck said...

I noticed the school supplies showcased in a store last week. Oh how the parents wish!

It does get a little crazy sometimes. Last year at the June we went to a major department find a swim suits for the kids and were directed to a rack that had 10 suits total on it. (At least they were on sale!) This year I bought suits in March like everyone else.

graycie said...

I saw the first Back to School ad in today's paper. It is WAY too early.

No reminders until August!

Lady Strathconn said...

Too soon, too soon!

BTW, what are Pee Chee folders? When I was a kid I read that in a book, but never quite knew what it was. Where are you from, because that is not an expression we know in Vermont. (You can be general.)

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Our school resumes around August 1st....I've been out since before Memorial Day. I'm not way, no how.

I'm having a celebration over at my place to take our mind off the school supply sales, etc. Come on over!