Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I realize

That to keep a good amount of readers of this blog, I need to post more than once every two weeks. Also to read and comment on other's blogs. Both of which I've not been doing.

Too much to write about and not enough time.The six, instead of five, classes are not too difficult, it's just that I have no time it seems for planning, grading, copying, and talking to parents. That one little prep period of 49 minutes is definitely missed. I'm trying this year to go home by 5 pm every night, but it's not working too well for me just yet.

And then, inspired by Ms. Frizzle, along with some others, I've begun the application for a Fulbright Teacher's Exchange. After school today I have an appointment with the head of personnel for our district, to discuss the "administrative approval" portion. The application won't even be considered if I don't have that.

And yesterday? I spent a good hour just figuring out the stupid Scholastic book order. Wow. I've done them many times over the years, usually the kids order $50 -$75 worth of books as a whole. This year though? $337! I had to keep going through the order forms, checking and double checking that everything added up. I'm glad I can order on line now; it would've taken me even longer with the old paper form. Our class got 5000 bonus points though. Whoo wee.

Only 25,000 more for a lap top.

Hope all is well out there in edu-blogland.


The Scribe said...

I was surfing around looking at teachers' blogs and thought I'd leave a comment. So, you didn't have to post more frequently, after all!
The Boomer Chronicles

Chris said...

Hey there ... I read your previous post as well, and I hope that you have managed to somehow find your way into the computer lab. If you ever do, I would like to suggest a link for you and your students - K12Station:


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Thanks, and happy blogging!

- Chris

OKP said...

Hey, I'm reading too. And you inspired me to get a post or two in as well. Thanks!

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