Sunday, January 28, 2007

new blogger stuff

Gosh, go away for a few weeks and... well, I am confused as all get out.

See, I went over to Unaccountabletalk, went to make a comment, and couldn't as jhsteacher. Not even an anonymous comment was allowed.

Then I come back here and see my photo and my personal info up here.


This is is the place where I can say whatever I want... not where I want folks to know who I am. Friggin' frackin' gosh darn it.

So, new blogger/google whatever will not let me comment as jhsteacher, only as my primary blog name.

Yes, I have two blogs. One is the personal one. One in which I rarely mention work, being that I keep the work/teaching stuff over here. I started this blog, so I'd have a safe place to say what I want to say, without worrying about who might read it.

Now though, I don't know how to keep my two blogs separate. How do I keep my anonymity? How do I comment on another teaching blog without revealing who I am?

I think I might need to return to my old Luddite ways. Then all of this angst would be moot.


happychyck said...

I don't know if this helps, but I have another blog that is attached to my GMAIL account, so whenever I check my mail at gmail and then go wandering to comment, it is inclined to leave that blog as my identity. In the comment window it says who I am posting as and allows me to "use a different account."

My two different blogs are actually two different accounts. If your aren't I have no idea what to tell you. Good luck, though. I would be stressed out over this, too.

jrhighpeteacher said...

All you need for a posting is an email. I have the same problem. I had to create a pretend blog here on blogger, but my heart belongs to wordpress.

Mrs. Baker said...

I switched to Wordpress for this very reason. You can even import your Blogger posts to Wordpress so that you don't lose all your old posts.