Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 1

Well, other than getting my period in the middle of my second class, things went smoothly today.

I don't know all the kids' names just yet, but some are already standing out to me:
C. A. - She has Asberger's and makes jokes about things so esoteric that no one gets them. Then she gets mad. She's into Edgar Allen Poe. I know her from last year when I worked in the library at lunchtime.
M. C. - He's a loud mouth. Spoke out several times and looked at his crew for encouragement. He's about 6 feet tall, and looks like he's 17. I suspect he's going to be a handful.
Z. J. - I gave him an information card to fill out, and by the time I had handed them all out, he had folded it in half, and crumpled it. I had to give him another one. He was pissed off he was in the remedial class, I think. I called his counselor, and found out he had been misplaced. Would have been helpful if he had said something instead.

It's frustrating that the loud/strange/obnoxious ones are noticed first. The squeaky wheel does get the grease.

Good news. VP has decided to stay after all. Tears came to my eyes when he told me. Oh happy day. And, I got the extra tutorial center gig. Pays quite a bit extra, and very easy to do. It was between me and one other teacher, who also happens to be my friend. I won the coin toss.

I'm tired and hot. And I have lesson planning to do.

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