Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 2

Not too bad a day today, although the crummy student lunch went up to $4.31 for a teacher. See, the students lunches are subsidized, but not when I buy the same thing. I guess it's fair, but I'd certainly rather have a double Cheeseburger meal at McDonald's for one cent less, than the dried up chicken breast, roll, and several pieces of lettuce that constituted my lunch today.

Live and learn.

C. A. has more than just Asberger's, methinks. I was in the counselor's office during my prep period, trying to figure out if all my reading students were properly placed. This entails not only looking at their California Standards Test scores, but also their scores from the last few years. It's tedious.

C.A came in with balled up fists and tears in her eyes. My friend R, who is a special Ed teacher said to C.A., "why don't you talk to Ms. M? She's a good listener." and then R. shot me an evil grin and walked away.

C.A. said she was mad at all the kids at school and that they all needed to die. That she wanted to kill them all. That she hated them. I asked her what happened to make her feel this way (at the same time trying to see if the school psychiatrist was hearing this from her office a few feet away). She then went into a rant about how her father tried to kill her mother and how she herself had set fire to the skirt of some girl that was teasing her and well, it was hard to get a clear comment out of her.

I've worked with kids and adults with Asberger's for over 15 years; I've never seen this kind of thing before. At this point, one of the counselors came and walked her over to Doctor B's office.

She's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

I love when these kids are put into my classes, and I'm told nothing about them. So wonderful for both them and me.

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