Sunday, April 30, 2006

7 weeks left

But who's counting?

We continue with the fabulous STAR test next week, along with the abbreviated class periods. Our next unit will be reading a novel (finally!) The House of the Scorpion. I'm thrilled to be doing something other than the HOLT textbook bible. I worked hard last year to get this book added to our district booklist (I was shocked at the amount of work one has to do to get board approval).

However. Being that it's the first year I've taught it, I have no lesson plans. I love the book, and plan on Socratic seminars being the assessment of choice, but the questions for the Socratic seminars do not yet exist. I've done some searching on the Internet, and have found a couple of sites that might help, but if you have any ideas, they are gladly welcome. I know I'm already going to have them write a persuasive essay that will be related to the issues that come up in this book.

Oh, I had the kids check the novel out already... you know, so that they have something to read when they finish the testing early? That was Tuesday, and at least eight of my students had finished the novel by Friday. They liked it that much.



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