Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the last two days



It's driving me batty. The kids are all bringing in massive amounts of food for the testing period. I am proctoring a GATE algebra class, and the teacher of the class, in all her wisdom, is giving extra credit for those kids who bring in goodies. There are 32 kids, and 6 days of testing.

And too much damn food. Doughnuts, cookies, goldfish, gummy bears and juice pouch thingies.

Yesterday, the three boys in the corner got bored and started tossing aforesaid gummy bears at each other. Ms. Vice Principal came in today before the test and lectured everyone on their behavior, then called out the names of the specific culprits.

Today? I was hit in the head with a straw from one of those Capri Sun juices. Right in the head.

Yep, one of the same dorks from yesterday. The future of our country, the best and the brightest.

Then, of course, we have 29 minute class periods the rest of the day, in which kids can't sit still due to being hopped up on sugar, unless it's sixth or seventh period, where they are going through the shakes from withdrawal.

Today, in my reading class, one little seventh grader flipped off an eighth grader. This shocked me, since the seventh grader is usually meek and silly.

Turns out the eighth grader had seen the seventh grader downtown this last weekend, holding his mother's hand as he crossed the street. The eighth grader was gleefully telling any and all this information.

I might have flipped him off too. Not an easy thing to live down.

The latest fad for all my male students is to fart. Loudly or silently, but to pass gas as often as possible. Then of course, to react as if tear gas had been thrown into the room. I'm surprised they don't just throw themselves down on the ground and writhe in agony.

On a good note:
Got my first spring pedicure today. Summer's out there, just waiting for me. I know it...

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