Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Has it really been a month?


A whole month. I've been on vacation, and generally enjoying my last few days of freedom.

They are over now. The last two days have been spent in "training." Yet another way to teach writing so our test scores improve. We have a bloody API of 821... what more do they want?

The students are back on Monday, I'm teaching an extra class this year, and I'm not ready.

Migraine headaches, stomach aches and nausea have been my companions lately. It doesn't usually hit me this hard, but this year...

I'm. Not. Ready.

And tomorrow? An all day, district wide "inservice." What the hell? Every school district does this silly nonsense. Right before school starts, we can't actually have those teacher "work days" to work. Can't be trusted.

So, we all end up madly working on Saturday and Sunday, trying to get everything set. Rearranging the rooms after summer school classes have been held in them, trying to find out where seven desks ran off to, running to Kinko's to make copies with our own money because we can't get into the main office to use the copy machine.

Welcome ba--aack.

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ms-teacher said...

you get to work in your classroom on the week-ends? We have to be out of our rooms by 3:30 prior to the start of school and we are not allowed to work in our rooms on the week-ends, ever! I'm envious :)