Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1 day down, 183 to go

Busy I will be this year. I've switched from 11o students last year (wonderful, lovely load0) to 186 students this year. Crazy I tell you, crazy.

Five classes of eighth grade English, and an extra class of seventh graders in a study skills/tutorial class.

My throat hurts from talking all day yesterday. I always forget how much talking is done the first few days.

However, on a good note, this is the first first day of school that I didn't come home with sore feet. I think it's due to wearing my new and lovely Hush puppies.

And now, I've just found out that they come in Gunmetal! Ooo... I must have the new color.

I know, they look terribly high, but the front is high too, and they are like walking on clouds. I will never give up my dansko standbys, but for girly shoes, these beat all in the comfortable yet fashionable category.

Time to get to work. Oh the simple joys of my life.

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ms-teacher said...

Those are darling! I've been hankering for some new shoes :)