Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Office Supplies

Why do these give me such a thrill? I mean really, how many highlighters or file folders does one person need?

Staples online has a bunch of 69 cent items, plus those boxes of colored pencils for 25 cents each... and I had three of those ink coupons (turn in your used ink cartridges, and you get a coupon for three dollars for each of 'em), so I ended up spending about fifty cents.

Oh year, I used my teacher reward ID number too, so I got free shipping.

Maybe it's the deal that thrills me so.

Here's a question for anyone reading. Let's say there was a special fund in your town for teachers. All the teacher has to do is write up a little bit (a paragraph mind you) about what it is he or she wants for the classroom, how it will help all students, and turn it in. They can be quite generous; I know of a few teachers who have received items worth around $1000. Anyway, what would you ask for?

I'm really trying to think of something great. I have a computer(pretty old), a TV and a DVD/Video player. I have two rather old computers for my students to use as well. They work fine for word documents, and internet work, but won't do much other than that.

I'm trying to think of what would be best to add to my room.

1) a new computer, with CD burner. I found out just this summer,that since we have the site license for our textbook, we actually do have the right to rip CD's from the audio versions of our textbook. That means I could send a CD home with all those kids who need extra help with reading the stories. That's pretty cool. However, my Honors kids wouldn't really need something like that.

2) a Document camera. These are pretty damn expensive, and the bulbs alone are a couple hundred bucks, but these are great for hands on work! If you don't know how they work, they are used like an overhead, but special transparencies and pens aren't needed. Instead you could take a student's writing, put it on the camera, and bingo, it's up on the screen for everyone to see while it's discussed. Students could even volunteer their rough drafts; the incentive would be that they'd get extra help on their writing.

3) LED projector. Now, the problem with this is that I don't have a laptop, and it really needs one to operate. The students and I could both use it for powerpoint presentations, slideshows, and all kinds of other presentations.

4) A new overhead projector. Mine is from 1989, and is temperamental at best. Right now I can't turn it off, so I have to plug it in and unplug it every time I use it. I think overhead projectors can be found for around $200, so there might be a different way to get a new one of these.

Any other suggestions?

Some of you might be jealous of my good luck with this situation, and others might be wondering why I have none of these technological items. If you have been reading this for a while, you know I teach in an affluent area.

That's just it. We get absolutely no extra funding for our school. No Title I, no extras, no grants, Nada.

Just last year I finally got white boards, instead of the decaying, messed up chalk boards installed in 1959. I'm not complaining, because I love where I live, and I'm happy to be at Unnamed Junior High School.

I'm just giddy at the possibility of bringing some 21st century into my classroom.


Dree said...

Oh man... if I could ask for anything for my classroom, it would be huge magnetic white boards to replace the old, stained chalkboards we've had since 1960-something. That would be awesome.

Polski3 said...

How about new desks for your students? Or a nicer desk and chair for you? Use some money to hire an aide for your classroom, who could work with a small group of kids who need some extra help/attention?

Thanks for Staples lead.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I love brand new spirals, narrow-ruled, and loads of Black Warrior pencils. That says "School's in!" to me!

I teach in a relatively affluent area, and I get much less than $100 to spend on my classroom all year. Everything else is "out of pocket."

cb said...

A class set of small, 12"x12" (approx.) individual white boards. Last year I taught 7th grade math and used them several times. Over the summer I thought of several more possibilities. This year I'm the tech teacher so I've got less use for them but I guarantee they are great!

p.s. I'm really enjoying the blog!

Lady Strathconn said...

overheads can be had for the $150 range or less, just do a little digging.

i would love a large magnetic white board for my literacy class and a SMARTBoard for my tech lab.

Lady Strathconn said...

ps cb if you read this...I can tell you how to make small dry erase boards.